Friday , 15 November 2019

Nebraska Furniture Mart

vw_nfm358215Nebraska Furniture Mart first opened in Omaha Nebraska in 1937, when Russian immigrant, Rose Blumkin, started the store in the basement of a small downtown shop.

Nebraska Furniture Mart has since expanded to include its current 77-acre campus in Omaha, Nebraska and stores in Iowa and Kansas.

The Nebraska Furniture Mart Kansas store is located in the middle of the popular Village West Retail and Entertainment District in western Kansas City, Kansas, adjacent to the Kansas Speedway.

The Kansas Nebraska Furniture Mart is huge! It covers 80 acres and offers over 185, 000 appliance and electronics items, 85,000 home furnishing items and over a million square yards of carpet.

In 2006, the Kansas Nebraska Furniture Mart expanded to include a new state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution center, allowing the store to stock and deliver more furniture, flooring, electronics and appliances.

Store visitors who are hungry after all of the shopping can pick up a snack at the in-store Quiznos Sub, or dine at one of the many restaurants in the Village West Retail and Entertainment District.

Village West
Nebraska Furniture Mart
1601 Village West Parkway
Kansas City, KS 66111
Phone: 913-288-6200
Website: Nebraska Furniture Mart

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