Thursday , 20 February 2020


ps_walmartoriginal 576345The Plaza at the Speedway Walmart is located on the north side of Parallel Parkway, across from The Legends at Village West, in western Kansas City, Kansas.

The 103,161 square feet Walmart features a grocery store, deli, pharmacy, digital photo processing center, more than 30 merchandise departments, a drive-through lawn and garden center and more.

The Plaza at the Speedway Walmart is also designed for easy customer navigation. The store features wide aisles, and the departments are aligned so that areas that customers shop most frequently are grouped together, making shopping for everyday necessities easier.

For additional convenience, Walmart combined the customer service desk, site to store pick-up location and photo lab in one area near the entrance, providing customers easy access to those services. Walmart associates are also on hand to help meet customer needs.

The Plaza at the Speedway Walmart also utilizes some of the latest energy efficient technologies to heat and cool the building, in keeping with Walmart’s continuing commitment to energy conservation and environmental sustainability.

Plaza at the Speedway
10824 Parallel Parkway
Kansas City, KS 66109
Phone: 913-788-3331
Website: - Homepage

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